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To fill and finish your christmas crackers follow these easy steps:

1-- Remove the length of curling ribbon that is loosely attached to one end of the cracker. The ribbon is attached with a simple loop knot. The other end of the cracker is securely closed.

2 -- Spread the end of the cracker open so that the crimped (gathered) region where the ribbon was located straightens out. This is best accomplished by gently pulling on the end of the cracker until it returns as near as possible to a cylindrical shape.

3 -- Insert your gift(s) into the open end of the cracker. The fillable central part of the cracker measures 2 inches in diameter by 4 inches in length. Your items must fit comfortably into this space in order for the cracker to be closed and finished. When filling your crackers, make certain you do not push the cracker snap into the center of the cracker.

4 -- Using your thumb and fore finger, re crimp the gather of the cracker.
5 -- Securely tie the length of curling ribbon back onto the gather using a double knot, and clip off the loose ribbon ends with scissors.
6 -- Check the finished end of the cracker to make certain the snap is located near the outer rim of the cracker and not too far down into the cylinder. Reposition with fingers as necessary.

You now have a perfectly formed, finished cracker to share with your party guests.

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